Two feet of snow overnight and NOT A SINGLE CLASS CANCELLED. Grinnell, wtf. I love that we're h4rdc0re in regards to weather, but I have a chinese test today and all I want to do is watch Alice. You are seriously harshing my fandom buzz.

But no, seriously, you guys, Alice will NOT LEAVE MY HEAD. It is starting to AFFECT MY STUDIES, NO JOKE. I was studying last night for this test today, and I had to just give up and go to bed because my brain would not stop thinking about Alice/Hatter. I need to find a way to watch Part 2 before my head explodes of fansquee suspense. (It doesn't help that I can't even *look* at my friends list, because spoilers are everywhere on that thing and I've already seen too much. TOO MUCH! I want the full fansquee experience, I say!)
I'm supposed to post a picture that makes me angry/sad today, but as I mentioned yesterday, I'm not a picture-saving person. I'm even *less* likely to know of pictures that make me angry/sad. SO INSTEAD, I'm just going to put this wonderful Christopher Eccleston photo up here:

And let you all benefit from his gorgeous smile and big ears. ♥

In other news, OMG ALICE. XD I think the writing is a little rough... you can only use the "Wonderland isn't supposed to make complete sense anyway" excuse for too long... and I get the feeling that a lot of their character-motivation-explanations got left on the cutting room floor... but it's still wonderful! ^_^ I've been watching it on Megavideo, but it will only let me watch 50 mins at a time. So I watch it for an hour, then do homework for an hour... a nice system.

Cookies!? I got COOKIES!?

XD Thank you guys so much! That was so incredibly sweet of you. Now my profile looks festive! D'aww. ♥
Day 7: A picture that makes you happy

Er, I'm not really a picture person, you guys. But I did find it somewhere and thought OMG CUTE KITTEN, so here you go. is freaking adorable, though.
Day 6: Whatever tickles your fancy

First of all, this guy is absolutely adorable. Second of all, this video makes me happy. Third of all, I want to learn this dance, because that would make this song SO MUCH COOLER. And, I mean, it's already an alright song, but there is nothing that can't be improved upon with the addition of sign language. XD

the rest of the days under the cut... )
I had an early bedtime last night, and I forgot my Advent post. So this one's a twofer!

Day 4: Favorite Book

This was really difficult, and I'm still not sure that this is my Number One Book, but it's the title that came immediately to mind so I'm running with it. I absolutely adore Jane Eyre. I get a lot of weird look when I say this, and I know why; the beginning is sort of a slog to read through, so most kids my age who've had to read in in school hate it because they never get to the good part. But once Jane gets to the house, and you know all about her horrible life leading up to that point, it makes her romance with Rochester so much sweeter. And Rochester! He's so hilariously charming in a 19th century sort of way. Rochester is adorable, and Jane is fucking baller, and this is a really, really great book.

Day 5: Favorite Quote

"There’s a lot of things you need to get across this universe. Warp drive, wormhole refractors. You know the thing you need most of all? You need a hand to hold."

For awhile I thought about getting this as a tattoo, but I decided on Mickey instead because it was smaller. I just absolutely love this quote, being a community-oriented person myself. This quote is just silly and sweet and optimistic and hopeful. It's kind of a microcosm of everything I love about DW. ^_^

It's staged, of course. I'm pretty sure of this for several small, geeky reasons, the most pressing of which is that Disney wouldn't allow a full-blown, Main-Street-blocking musical performance (done by alluding to their music and characters, to boot) to spontaneously appear without their permission. This would be a great little "random" thing to happen during their "Make Dreams Come True / Celebrate Today" theme of 2009.

Also, these people are miked; obviously they must have had access to their sound system. They had CD accompaniment and a video team, too. Now, maybe it could have been a real proposal if the man proposing was a fairly high-ranking employee... but I digress.



♥ ♥ ♥
Day 3: Favorite television program

Oh, COME ON. It's gotta be Doctor Who!

It's simply the best. That's just the way it is. Rose is my ultimate favorite character of all literature of all time, even more than Peter Pan (and OMG, I *LOVE* PETER PAN). I've made so many friends because of Who, and it's really made such a difference in my life philosophy. I'm going to miss my RDJ Who so much... I hope I still like the show with a new Doctor and a new head writer. I'm reserving judgement until I see it. But I'll still have my four, wonderful, lovely seasons. ^_^ ♥ ♥ ♥

But since technically Doctor Who isn't a *program*, because it's not on currently, I'm going to put another show up here, too. Because this is a show I absolutely adore to pieces and never talk about on this journal, but OMG I LOVE "SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE"!

You guys, this show is SRS BSNS. After watching these contestants, American Idol just seems like a bunch of kids singing karaoke on Saturdays at the pub. These people love dance more than anything else in the world, and it shows, and they are AMAZING. These people should not be able to do these kinds of things with their bodies. And they're so sweet and so nice and they work so hard, and the dancing is just incredible. The judges really know what they're talking about when they give critique (except for Mary Murphy, who is fucking annoying -- I always fast-forward through her bit), and the host! YOU GUYS, CAT DEELEY. Cat Deeley is my favorite host ever. I want her to be my best friend. She's funny and crazy and you can tell she really considers the contestants to be her friends. Also, she picks out all her own outfits to wear on the shows, and they are often hilarious.


The short of it: if you love music, and dancing, and nice people, and adorable gay boys, you need to start watching "So You Think You Can Dance". Personally, I only start watching after they get to the top 20, because everything leading up to that is just audition drama that takes months. I WANT TO SEE DANCING. So yeah, all the seasons are good, just watch the Top 20 and on. <3
Since I missed yesterday, I might as well put it up now! ^_^

Day 1: Favorite Song

Summer, Highland Falls from the Broadway soundtrack Movin' Out :

This is hands-down my favorite song of all time. I listen to it when I'm happy, I listen to it when I'm depressed, I listen to it when I want to feel good about the world. The lyrics really speak to me on a very personal level -- whenever I feel like I'm lost, I think about them and I remember who I am, in an odd sort of way.

It was originally written by Billy Joel (like the other songs in Movin' Out), but since this is the musical version, it's sung by a man named Michael Cavanaugh. I like this version TONS better than Billy Joel's original. <3
I'm going to try this Advent Calendar Meme, because I want to get back into posting in LJ again and it looks like fun. ^_^ Besides, I always lurk around, clicking other peoples' links and videos ([ profile] zombres I AM LOOKING AT YOU), so why not add a few of my own?

Day 2: Favorite Movie

I know it's not a Disney movie, but I really, really, really love Kung Fu Panda. It's funny and sweet and inspirational, and the voices were cast so well and are acted beautifully. I just never get tired of this movie.

The rest of the days are... )


School: Love econ, but I got a horrible grade on the last huge test so now I really need to rock this next one out of the park so I can hope to get a B. Or even pass the class, really, because right now I'm not... and I can't express how much that bothers me, since I should be rocking this class so hard it's forgotten its name. So I'm studying for the next Huge Econ test, which happens to be... the day before RENT opens. Thanks, prof.

Calculus scares me. I try not to think about it. Luckily, the next Huge Calculus test isn't until a week after RENT opens, so I have time to panic for that one.

Only four more weeks of Chinese and then I'm done with the Grinnell Chinese Department forever. HUZZAH!

Shakespeare continues to be awesome. Thought-provoking class that requires little to no effort or preparation on my part. GOLD.

Personal Life: Got a boyfriend. His name is Kyle, and he's wonderful, but we're long-distance because he lives in California and goes to school in Oregon. Anyway, he's not really a huge talker, so he doesn't contact me as much as I would like, which bothers me just a bit. I might bring it up to him later. I don't think it's anything personal, but I don't want it to be a symptom of something bigger, so I might bring it up.

Nanowrimo: Totally falling by the wayside until RENT is over. I've got a little over 2,000 words so far, which is horrible, but I'm going to word sprint it to the end in the last couple of weeks. I've got all Thanksgiving break, right? Right. >.> I'll make it work. My pride will not suffer me to not win NaNo this year -- I'm the ML for Grinnell, for chrissake, I've got to finish!


COOL STUFF I'VE DONE LATELY: There's a girl who sits next to me in Calculus named Sally, who is a total sweetheart and I adore. Well, I've got "Bad Wolf" written on my pencil pouch, and one day I brought it out and put it on the table in preparation for class, like I always do, and Sally gives this huge gasp. "Bad Wolf!" and my ears perk up and I'm like, "Doctor Who?" and she says, "I've been obsessed with it all weekend, I started watching it last Saturday and I can't stop. I've watched the past two seasons in three days." and I said, "What episode are you on?" AND SHE SAID, "I'M ABOUT TO WATCH THE SEASON TWO FINALE."

YOU GUYS. [ profile] zombres, you will surely appreciate this. I discovered a DW fan, and a huge Rose/Doctor shipper, JUST BEFORE DOOMSDAY. IN THAT PERILOUS TIME JUST BEFORE YOUR SHIPPER'S INNOCENCE AND YOUR SOUL IS DAMAGED FOREVER. I wibbled for her inside, knowing what was in store.

(BTW, about an hour after Caclulus class ended, she texted me saying "I cried. A lot." I LOVE THIS GIRL)

So now we've been marathoning DW once a week since then, and she loves Donna and Rose and is sort of meh about Martha, which is wonderful. That DW time is sustaining me. <3

Yes, that's correct! 20 years ago, *this* happened. ^_^ And roughly 20 years, 9 months ago... my parents went on a trip to Disneyland.

You read that right! Disney ACTUALLY runs through my veins! XD I found this out last time I went home for Christmas. MY WHOLE LIFE MAKES SENSE NOW, WHUT.

So me and my friends celebrated this morning at 12:05 (the approximate time of my birth) with pie in Zoe's room, and tonight me and my weekly Chinese Movie Group are going to watch "Beauty and the Beast" in chinese whilst drinking coconut rum. Life is Teh Good. <3
Things I have managed to complete within the last 24 hours:

1. Baked Potato Night with me and all my friends.
2. Subsequently getting all of my friends addicted to How I Met Your Mother. (Yesssss)
3. Planning all my blocking for today's rehearsal.
4. Introducing my friends to Merlin. (Yesssssss)
5. Screaming at the screen whilst watching Merlin, checking Skype immediately to see if [ profile] abscondinabox was on (who wasn't, sad).
6. Approximately NO HOMEWORK.

What I am doing now:
SO. There's this club at Grinnell called GIMP (Grinnell Independent Musical Productions), where students produce their own musicals for the fun and entertainment of the Grinnell Community. This club exists because the theater and music departments here, for some strange and unexplained reason, detest musicals. GIMP has been known as rather slapdash, ho-hum, paper-and-string productions that produce musicals nobody has ever heard of.

Long story short....

I somehow got into my head to direct RENT this fall.

Despite all my Calculus, Chinese, Econ Statistics course, and Shakespeare class, I decided this sounded like a fun idea. >.<

But here's the thing: I really want GIMP to be something special. I believe that musicals are a powerful combination of two very beautiful art forms (theater and music) that should be explored and enjoyed. I want GIMP to be a real force on campus, something that people want to do and want to see. I want to do shows that people can be proud to say they were in, and a big-name show like RENT is just the way to do it. It's got a lot of mainstream recognition, thanks to the movie, and a soundtrack that many people are already familiar with because of its mainstream appeal. ALSO, since it's a rock opera, if you know the music, you know 90% of the show. The rest is just blocking.

Costumes: easy. Plainclothes. Aside from Angel's sexy santa outfit and Mark's signature scarf, cast can wear pretty much whatever.

Sets: easy. A table and some chairs are all that's necessary.

Lighting: easy. Lights On. Lights Off.

Music: A regular band: guitar, bass, drums, keyboard. We could do it with only a keyboard.

I'm not looking for Tony-Award-Winning. I'm just looking for big and proud. Luckily, I've put together a great cast who seems really excited about being in the show, and are much more talented than I had anticipated! ^_^


(Also happening are my econ classes, which are interesting even though sometimes daunting, my chinese class that kicks my ass on a daily basis, and calculus which I liked for a week before I realized that it was IMPOSSIBLE.)

Our house custodian just came and turned on the lounge TV while she worked, and it was TOTALLY "The View" with Constantine Mouralis talking about Rock of Ages. It made me extremely happy. (I totally thought of you, [ profile] yzak) Oh Broadway, how I miss you. We will be reunited over Sprink Break, my love!

Now I'm going to go get my daily Chinese class-induced beating. T_T Ta.
No lie, this is the literal, word-for-word conversation that just went on in my head:

"Harry names all of his kids after people he knew that had died. Like, to a ridiculous extent. That's kind of masochistic, I think. (Is that the right word? Whatever). Ron and Hermione picked a perfectly normal name. Rose Weasley is a wonderful name. How come Harry and Ginny didn't pick a normal name? Like, Lawrence, or something. Lawrence Potter, that's a nice name. They could call him Larry, for short. Larry... Potter... oh.."
You know, this is one of those things that I've never asked, and I feel is very important to know about all my friends:

Please comment to this post about which Hogwarts House you affiliate with!

I know, of course, that [ profile] siochembio is a Ravenclaw, but I don't know about the rest of you. Personally, I'm very much a Hufflepuff with distinct Gryffindor qualities -- or a Gryffindor with distinct Hufflepuff qualities, depending on how you look at it. There is nothing wrong with being loyal, accepting of others, and hardworking, and Hufflepuffs aren't at all "cowardly duffers"; look at Cedric Diggory, how brave he was! The way I see it, Gryffindors are impulsive, and jump into trouble immediately and without thought. Hufflepuffs plan first. They examine all sides, and then they act. Neither one is better than the other, but there is a difference. (Of course, it would help if JKR had paid any distinct attention to Hufflepuff *besides* Cedric... 7 books, and that's all we get!? Cedric Diggory and Ernie MacMillan are hardly enough to create a good portrait of what makes a Hufflepuff student. They're wildly different. This is definitely one of my pet peeves about the books...)

Also, I think part of the reason why I affiliate with Hufflepuff is because almost *no one* chooses to affiliate with them of their own volition. I like thinking that I'm a champion for Hufflepuff, standing up for their reputation... but then I think, isn't that a Gryffindor quality? It really kind of is... but whatever. I'm a Gryffinpuff, I guess. But that's the great thing about the Hogwarts houses, isn't it? That everyone has a little bit of each house in them? ^_^ It's impossible to be 100% of any. I mean, even Harry is living proof.

If this video doesn't make you feel good inside, then you have a heart of stone. ♥

In other news, I'm making these socks:

In a gorgeous green yarn that I bought at the Sock Summit knitting convention with my Mom this weekend, and I'm so excited. This yarn is GORGEOUS. I mean really, stunning. And so are the knee-high socks that I'm making with it. WITH CABLES. ^_^ I loooove me some cables. Also, knitting goes great with listening to my Harry Potter audiobooks... oh, Jim Dale. I associate you with Harry Potter and Pushing Daisies and other good things in my life.
Finishing what I've started, you guys! This is something I've been trying to work on. Organizing is my great skill. Carrying through those plans all by my onesie? Not so great. (Delegating is another of my great skills, handily enough.)

No.'s 4-5 )

In other news, completely unrelated, Oregon broke it's all-time heat record today with a spectacular 108 degrees. FML.
OMIGOD, YOU GUYS. I don't know whether to laugh or hit my head repeatedly against the nearest wall.

I was making one of those Mad Men things, like [ profile] zombres's, and I was really pleased making it. I was thinking, man, if you don't think this looks exactly like me, you are crazy. It is an absolutely stunning likeness.

And it wasn't until I saved it that I realized -- it didn't look so much exactly like me as it looked EXACTLY LIKE MY MOM.

NO. YOU GUYS DON'T EVEN KNOW. You know like in Harry Potter, how people are always saying "You look just like James... but you've got your mother's eyes"? I always completely sympathized with Harry on that because it's the exact same reaction I get from people about looking like my mother. It's especially prominent now that we're working at the same office, and patients come out of her office and see me and practically do a double-take. Our voices even sound almost identical. I've got a bit more of a sarcastic drawl -- I get that from my Dad, lawl. My Dad's personality and mine are very much alike, especially our senses of humor. But that manifesting in my manner of speaking... that very well may be my own imagination, working frantically in trying to find a feature independent from my mother's exact physical genetics.

I'm not exactly complaining... not exactly. My mother is just over 50 and smoking hot. I don't mind saying that about my own mother because... well, I look exactly like her, it's not like I can call her ugly, can I? Even if it were true. In any case, she dresses, looks, and exercises like a woman in her very early 40s. She runs marathons, for chrissakes... she's in the top 10 of her age group in Oregon. I am not ashamed to say I want to look and be as physically fit as my Mom when I'm her age.

But still. To turn on myself like that via Internet Meme/Game/Activity thing... -_-;;



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