You guys. You know how some people just write certain kinds of fic? I mean, their natural writing style just lends really well to a specific genre or something?

I've been a one-shot person my whole life; not only did I lack the stick-to-it-iveness that multi-chapter fics require, but I simply didn't have any *ideas* for them. My brain was geared toward one-shots. I wouldn't have even guessed at how to start something that would take more than 3,000 words.


As I've gotten older, I've completely lost my penchant for writing long, gorgeous descriptions and flowery language (I think it's directly correlated with my decision to become an Economics major, where papers are to-the-point, no BS, just pure information). I still love *reading* those kinds of fics of course, especially when done well, but writing them is something I have to force out for pacing reasons. What I really love writing is dialogue, he-said-she-said, move plot, move! Now I feel like doing this, now I'm going to add this in there, oh it would be cool if THIS happened, and then Alice would totally be like, WTF MATE. And all of a sudden, all I want to do at work is go home and write. I'm cranking out about two chapters a week -- the only difference is, I'm not posting directly to [ profile] alittleoddish when I'm finished, so it seems like I've burnt out. But I'm still producing at the same rate!

I am having SO MUCH FUN. Multi-chaptered fics, you guys. It's my new thing. ...At least for the next few months. We'll see if I've burned out after that, HAH.
I've got to get something off my chest.
There has been something really, really bothering me for about a week now, both as a fan and as a fic-writer. Help me out, over here.

Let's talk about Hatter, you guys. WARNING: long character-analysis essay below! )


I just realized that if you make a 'shipper splice of Jack/Duchess, you get Jackess. I seriously cannot stop laughing at this.

If you don't get the joke immediately, here are your instructions:
1) Say it out loud.
2) LOL.


(check out my latest entry at [ profile] alittleoddish for further proof, OMG. I seriously don't know how that happened.)
It's hilarious how often I find myself writing "Alice raised an eyebrow" whenever she and Hatter are together. XD I think this is highly indicative of their relationship dynamic.

(I also think that Alice, in her old age, must become like Gaius from Merlin with one perpetually raised eyebrow. This comparison makes me giggle inside.)

In related news, I am writing the most crack!fic I have ever written. If future!Deborah had told past!Deborah that she would be writing this fic, past!Deborah would not have believed it in a million years. BUT I CANNOT DISMISS THIS GORGEOUS IDEA.

But Christmas! It was today! ^_^

Merry Christmas, everyone!

I hope all of you had a wonderful, relaxing day with family. Me and mine went to see Princess and the Frog, and I have good news: just as good the 4th time. HUZZAH.
I put up the first part of my new Alice/Hatter fic, "Foam", at [ profile] alittleoddish today. I'm really pleased that so many people are enjoying it. I've gotten more than one comment saying that my AU Hatter reminds them a lot of Connor Temple, which I find interesting because I haven't even *started* watching Primeval yet. XP

(Me and [ profile] abscondinabox are going to have a Primeval marathon on Sunday, and I'm excited to see it, but I'm also a little worried. I'm still riding my new-fandom high from Alice that is getting me though all these little ficlets, and I'm worried if I watch Primeval my fandom high will be replaced. I can't afford to lose my drive to write Alice fic, or I'll never finish [ profile] mission_insane, not to mention the Alice Epic that I'm working on. >.> Hmm...)

In any case, I wrote the second part of "Foam" today, and I ADORE it. So I'm excited to put that up tomorrow, probably late tomorrow.

In other news, I bought a good brown fedora today, which I've been looking for forever. I wore it with my Star Wars T-shirt and a yellow/black checkered neckerchief, and looked AWESOME. If I'd thought to wear fingerless gloves, I would have BEEN Connor Temple. WHAT NOW.
Funny story.

I was talking to one of my friends the other day, and I was talking about how it's so hard to study for Finals because I'm all fandom'd with Alice, and this was our conversation:

Her: Yeah, you keep talking about that.
Me: It's just, Hatter is so awesome! I absolutely love him, it's hard to focus on Chinese when I can just be, you know, looking at him.
Her: Oh, is he cute?
Me: UM, YEAH. He's got this flyaway hair, and these brown eyes, and cheekbones, and this cute little nose, and his two front teeth are sort of biggish, but at the same time he's all scruffy and.... (and I swear, this is WHAT I SAID:) ...he's like a really sexy chipmunk!

And her reaction was all o_0, looking at me like I was all crazy, I was kind of... "um... yeah, he's cute... oh dear lord."
Title: You know, love love.
Fandom: Alice
Characters: Alice, OC, Hatter
Rating: safe for kids
Disclaimer: Not mine. Done.
Warnings: pre-series

Summary: Alice's best friend tries to loosen Alice's definition of "love" -- she is only partly successful.

A/N: Trudy is an invention of my own, named after Gertrude Chataway, one of Carroll's other muses (besides Alice Liddell, of course).

Alice, by her very nature, was not a very cuddly person. )

Now I've got to take my Shakespeare final. Joy.
Day 9: A photo you took:

I took this picture while in New York City last spring. It's got kids, and bubbles, and PLAY! in giant playful letters. What's not to love!?

In other news, OMG ALICE I CANNOT HANDLE IT. It took every ounce of my internet ninja skills (I mean, really, I have NEVER had this much trouble finding a download), but I was finally able to watch Part Two, and Sally (my Grinnell Squeebuddy) was with me, and OH MY GOD.

for spoilers )
Two feet of snow overnight and NOT A SINGLE CLASS CANCELLED. Grinnell, wtf. I love that we're h4rdc0re in regards to weather, but I have a chinese test today and all I want to do is watch Alice. You are seriously harshing my fandom buzz.

But no, seriously, you guys, Alice will NOT LEAVE MY HEAD. It is starting to AFFECT MY STUDIES, NO JOKE. I was studying last night for this test today, and I had to just give up and go to bed because my brain would not stop thinking about Alice/Hatter. I need to find a way to watch Part 2 before my head explodes of fansquee suspense. (It doesn't help that I can't even *look* at my friends list, because spoilers are everywhere on that thing and I've already seen too much. TOO MUCH! I want the full fansquee experience, I say!)
I'm supposed to post a picture that makes me angry/sad today, but as I mentioned yesterday, I'm not a picture-saving person. I'm even *less* likely to know of pictures that make me angry/sad. SO INSTEAD, I'm just going to put this wonderful Christopher Eccleston photo up here:

And let you all benefit from his gorgeous smile and big ears. ♥

In other news, OMG ALICE. XD I think the writing is a little rough... you can only use the "Wonderland isn't supposed to make complete sense anyway" excuse for too long... and I get the feeling that a lot of their character-motivation-explanations got left on the cutting room floor... but it's still wonderful! ^_^ I've been watching it on Megavideo, but it will only let me watch 50 mins at a time. So I watch it for an hour, then do homework for an hour... a nice system.




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