A small community movie theater about half an hour away has been playing Labyrinth on one of their screens until tomorrow. Since Kumoricon was over the weekend and then school started, I haven't been able to go see it until tonight, where my Dad was gracious and cool enough to go with me.

It was AWESOME. The theater was full of twenty-something fans, and it was about one rice-throwing, umbrella-opening step away from a Rocky Horror showing (there was a LOT of wine going around in the audience). ^_^ Everyone was singing along with the songs, quoting some of the lines, yelling advice at the screen, and whistling at the Bowie Bulge.

It was a HOOT. I'm so glad I went. Seeing that movie again makes me want to read "Forfeit of Dreams" again. Best. Labyrinth. Fic. EVAR.

Also, I've been torrenting like a little fool lately. Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] abscondinabox! ♥
The parents are gone for the weekend, it's 10:30 at night, I just finished watching Labyrinth again, (which I have been OBSESSED WITH since I saw it for the first time two weeks ago) so what do I decide to do?

"Hey...I wanna do that!" *digs in closet*

Make sense? No. Fun? Oohhhhhh, yeah. XD

(mental note: cosplay nerd + insane fandom + halloween makeup lying around = FUN TIMES.)

You remind me of the babe... )

EDIT: Just wait until I buy the WIG. ^____^ Halloween costume, here I come~!

EDIT EDIT: This giddiness might be written off by the fact that I just got my braces off a few days ago and can now eat ANYTHING I DAMN WELL PLEASE. XP Plus my teeth are prettyful and straight...



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