It's hilarious how often I find myself writing "Alice raised an eyebrow" whenever she and Hatter are together. XD I think this is highly indicative of their relationship dynamic.

(I also think that Alice, in her old age, must become like Gaius from Merlin with one perpetually raised eyebrow. This comparison makes me giggle inside.)

In related news, I am writing the most crack!fic I have ever written. If future!Deborah had told past!Deborah that she would be writing this fic, past!Deborah would not have believed it in a million years. BUT I CANNOT DISMISS THIS GORGEOUS IDEA.

But Christmas! It was today! ^_^

Merry Christmas, everyone!

I hope all of you had a wonderful, relaxing day with family. Me and mine went to see Princess and the Frog, and I have good news: just as good the 4th time. HUZZAH.
It has come to my attention that not everybody on my flist knows about “Merlin”, the BBC show that just finished its first season a few weeks ago. So, I made this introductory/recpost post. ^_^ So, whether you’ve heard of the show and love it or have heard of the show and just don’t know anything about it, everything you need to know to love “Merlin” as much as I do is right here! XD YAYYY

Here’s the rundown: If you love Arhurian legend, if you love great characters with heart and bravery, if you love well-acted and multi-layered antagonists, if you love goofy, adorkable protaganists that beg to be hugged and squee’d over: you should take a good, close look at “Merlin”.

This is the BBC cinema trailer, courtesy of YouTube. I recommend watching this in high-quality, but I don’t think it will embed that way.

Here lies a thoroughly fannish and squee-filled, but comprehensive, introduction, complete with picspam and animated GIFspam! )

All quotes used above are from episode one, so as not to spoil people! ^_^



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