Day 9: A photo you took:

I took this picture while in New York City last spring. It's got kids, and bubbles, and PLAY! in giant playful letters. What's not to love!?

In other news, OMG ALICE I CANNOT HANDLE IT. It took every ounce of my internet ninja skills (I mean, really, I have NEVER had this much trouble finding a download), but I was finally able to watch Part Two, and Sally (my Grinnell Squeebuddy) was with me, and OH MY GOD.

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I suppose I'll join the throng in having an Avatar reaction post. Although, I feel so emotionally spent after just watching it that all I want to do is curl up on my bed for awhile and digest. And maybe write a little drabble... remember, I have that whole trouble thing about endings? -_-;;

So, since I'm, as aforementioned, emotionally spent, this is a copy-paste of a comment I made in one of [ profile] rawles's lovely reaction posts.

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In conclusion: I am very proud of my show. Yes. Very proud. ^_^
All these crazy fannish theories are flying around about the end to Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, escalating to the point of me rolling my eyes so desperately that I figure I should provide a reaction post myself. Just to combat the crazy.

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In conclusion: Dr. Horrible is FREAKING AMAZING GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW. XD As soon as I get home I'm going to download as much as I possibly can... I hope it all stays up long enough.

EDIT: BTW, I've got a new LJ layout, in case you haven't noticed. I luuurve it. ^_^
I was waiting for this ALL FREAKING DAY, but I was finally able to watch 4x01.

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