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Jan. 15th, 2009 01:33 pm
Okay, so I've been rewatching the Avatar series lately, because... I wanted to. So I'm through seasons 1 and 2 and halfway through season 3. I'm rediscovering all my favorite episodes, and it's WONDERFUL.

1. Cave of Two Lovers. It's got everything. Hippies! Singing! Mythical backstory! Sokka being sarcastic and surrounded by idiots! Sokka being naked! Appa being adorable! KATAAAAAAAAAANG.

2. The Beach. This episode has it all: LULZ and angsty backstory without hitting you over the head with it. These kids (with the exception of Zuko) talk about their unhappy childhoods with a certain casual matter-of-factness which is, to be honest, a little bit chilling. And then there's Ty Lee, being Ty Lee. And Mei, being Zuko's "cranky girlfriend". And Azula, EPICALLY FAILING AT BEING A TEENAGER. XD Azula lulz bring that episode out of 'great' and into 'I could watch this every day and still not get sick of it'.

3. The Blind Bandit. This has always been one of my favorites, because TOPH ILU. T_T I want to be Toph when I grow up. She's so awesome and brave and determined and she doesn't let her crappy home life keep her from living up to her potential. <3

4. The Headband. The epicness of this episode can be summed up in five words: AANG THROWS A DANCE PARTY. I love how he opens up the Firenation Kids' mind to being independent and not always assuming that you have to live your lives the way your elders' tell you to. It's an important concept, especially in the case of this kind of war, and I'm glad the creators recognized that and dealt with it in a heartwarming way. Also: SOKKA WITH A BEARD. KATARA AND AANG'S SEXYDANCE. These are things not to be missed.

5. I'm saving the 5th spot until I finish the last half of s3, because I think that if I don't I'm going to miss something.

Amidst all the anger and outrage I'm seeing over the recent Avatar casting, I'm just going to come out on a limb here, throw myself to the wolves, and admit that my initial reaction was:

"Oh. Hm. Okay."

Sure, I can understand how some people are angry and disappointed, like [ profile] a_white_rain:"if you are thinking of offering up rationalizations for this creative decision - some thought or argument that makes it okay - don't. Don't do it. Keep it to yourself; post it to your own journal; keep it away from me. There is no acceptable defense." But in my opinion this very denial displays a noticeable lack of realistic thinking.

Because, honestly? What did you expect? Really? -_-;; This movie is not being made for the 18-30 demographic, the one who sees this show and recognizes its depth and significance, its brilliantly written characters and it's true message about the hope of humanity. This movie is, and has always been, planned for the 8-14 Nickelodeon Age Group, the one that watches Hannah Montana and buys Zac Efron pillows. The production company does not want to make a Great Movie, they just want to make a Good Movie, one that they know will sell to a specific group and make a specific amount of profit. Entertainment is a business, not a service.

They're not going to take a chance on new, unknown Asian child actors. They're not going to take a chance on the gritty, heartwrenching storylines. They're going to have kids running around, throwing water and rocks at each other and eventually save the world, defeating evil grownups. Because that's what they recognize, that's what they see in this cartoon, and that's what they know will sell. It's a business. They don't care about the integrity of the show.

So if you were expecting, or even hoping, for some suitable representation of this wonderful, amazing show, then I'm afraid I'm going to have to call you naive. Because where we see a work of storytelling and emotional genius, all they will ever see is a kid's cartoon, and to expect anything more out of them is just ridiculous.

And the petition? A good gesture, but futile. You can rant and rave about it being offensive all you want, and it won't do any good because the execs know what I know: whether they cast Bi Rain or Jesse McCartney, every name on that list is a person who is a fan of the show, and at LEAST 50% of them, probably even more, won't be able to resist going to see it even if they *absolutely know* they will hate it.

Sorry to say it, but its true. They're not making an Avatar movie, and they never have been. They're making a Tween Movie, so just come to grips with it and roll with the punches.
The first thing I thought about when I woke up this morning was Aang saying "Baby, you're my forever girl!"

Oh, Aang. Don't ever leave me.
I suppose I'll join the throng in having an Avatar reaction post. Although, I feel so emotionally spent after just watching it that all I want to do is curl up on my bed for awhile and digest. And maybe write a little drabble... remember, I have that whole trouble thing about endings? -_-;;

So, since I'm, as aforementioned, emotionally spent, this is a copy-paste of a comment I made in one of [ profile] rawles's lovely reaction posts.

Spoilers... )
In conclusion: I am very proud of my show. Yes. Very proud. ^_^
Hello! Some of you may remember the Avatar pupmkin stencils that I uploaded a few weeks ago. (I'm sorry that I was never able to create more, but life got in the way...I'm sure you all know what that's like...) I any case, if you want to see the finished products they're in the cut below.

Didn't they turn out GREAT!? If any of you want the patterns, they can be found in this post.

X-posted to various communities!
My claim for [ profile], yay kataang? ^^;;

Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Pairing: Aang/Katara
Theme set: Alpha; a few of them are out of order, but I took the numbers off so it shouldn't be distracting.
Rating: Completely G-rated---this set was written with their ages in mind, so for those who are squeamish about their age, this is perfectly safe!

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I think my favorite is...Sex, because I can see that scene SO VIVIDLY in my mind. X3 A bunch of ones after that come as close seconds. Chocolate has such a great mental image, Name because I honestly used to think that was how 'Katara' was spelled, Gift I just really like, and Hair because I've always thought Katara was HAWT with her hair down. ^__^



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