So, a New Year! ^_^ Ringing it in with a bang, so far, by being utterly sick with the most *classic* case of the cold you can possibly imagine. My nose hurts from too much snooooooot... T_T

BUT! 2010 promises to be a good year! With [ profile] zombres coming up to visit me (!!!) Still happy with Kyle (cross my fingers)! Another New York trip to see musicals! STUDYING ABROAD IN LONDON!!! Tons of Alice/Hatter, since my only resolution is to finish my [ profile] mission_insane challenge, which means writing approx. 200 fics! (I think I've got about a dozen done so far, so I'm off to a good start.)

Positive things, you guys! ^_^

Here's some picspam to set of 2010 in styyyyle!
First of all, "Princess and the Frog" was fucking awesome. Haters to the left, please. Leave your PC, gender binary, racially paranoid bullshit at the door, because I don't want to hear it.

No! Wait! Haters come see this movie, because IT WILL BLOW YOUR FUCKING SOCKS OFF.

This was one of the most beautiful, well thought-out movies Disney has ever produced. John Lasseter has an absolute gift for storytelling. The characters were wonderfully developed, they avoided huge character cliches in favor of creating wonderful, sensitive people you really rooted for, there was an obvious New Orleans pride that celebrated its Golden Age but wasn't demeaning, the music was catchy and awesome, the bad guys were CREEPY AS ALL GET-OUT, the hand-drawn animation was simply stunning, and and and.

Seriously. Go see this movie. It's an absolute gem. Here's hoping it brings Disney back into the musical, hand-drawn moviemaking that we all knew was their real forte anyway.

Day 12: Anything that tickles your fancy

If any of you are familiar with the musical "[Title of Show]", then you will REALLY love this video. If you're not, then you'll probably still think it's an AWESOME SONG. ^_^ There's tons of cameos in it, too... not just for complete musical geeks like me. I know that AT LEAST ONE [ profile] zombres-TYPE PERSON will enjoy @2:17. XD

rest of the days under the cut )

It's staged, of course. I'm pretty sure of this for several small, geeky reasons, the most pressing of which is that Disney wouldn't allow a full-blown, Main-Street-blocking musical performance (done by alluding to their music and characters, to boot) to spontaneously appear without their permission. This would be a great little "random" thing to happen during their "Make Dreams Come True / Celebrate Today" theme of 2009.

Also, these people are miked; obviously they must have had access to their sound system. They had CD accompaniment and a video team, too. Now, maybe it could have been a real proposal if the man proposing was a fairly high-ranking employee... but I digress.



♥ ♥ ♥


School: Love econ, but I got a horrible grade on the last huge test so now I really need to rock this next one out of the park so I can hope to get a B. Or even pass the class, really, because right now I'm not... and I can't express how much that bothers me, since I should be rocking this class so hard it's forgotten its name. So I'm studying for the next Huge Econ test, which happens to be... the day before RENT opens. Thanks, prof.

Calculus scares me. I try not to think about it. Luckily, the next Huge Calculus test isn't until a week after RENT opens, so I have time to panic for that one.

Only four more weeks of Chinese and then I'm done with the Grinnell Chinese Department forever. HUZZAH!

Shakespeare continues to be awesome. Thought-provoking class that requires little to no effort or preparation on my part. GOLD.

Personal Life: Got a boyfriend. His name is Kyle, and he's wonderful, but we're long-distance because he lives in California and goes to school in Oregon. Anyway, he's not really a huge talker, so he doesn't contact me as much as I would like, which bothers me just a bit. I might bring it up to him later. I don't think it's anything personal, but I don't want it to be a symptom of something bigger, so I might bring it up.

Nanowrimo: Totally falling by the wayside until RENT is over. I've got a little over 2,000 words so far, which is horrible, but I'm going to word sprint it to the end in the last couple of weeks. I've got all Thanksgiving break, right? Right. >.> I'll make it work. My pride will not suffer me to not win NaNo this year -- I'm the ML for Grinnell, for chrissake, I've got to finish!


COOL STUFF I'VE DONE LATELY: There's a girl who sits next to me in Calculus named Sally, who is a total sweetheart and I adore. Well, I've got "Bad Wolf" written on my pencil pouch, and one day I brought it out and put it on the table in preparation for class, like I always do, and Sally gives this huge gasp. "Bad Wolf!" and my ears perk up and I'm like, "Doctor Who?" and she says, "I've been obsessed with it all weekend, I started watching it last Saturday and I can't stop. I've watched the past two seasons in three days." and I said, "What episode are you on?" AND SHE SAID, "I'M ABOUT TO WATCH THE SEASON TWO FINALE."

YOU GUYS. [ profile] zombres, you will surely appreciate this. I discovered a DW fan, and a huge Rose/Doctor shipper, JUST BEFORE DOOMSDAY. IN THAT PERILOUS TIME JUST BEFORE YOUR SHIPPER'S INNOCENCE AND YOUR SOUL IS DAMAGED FOREVER. I wibbled for her inside, knowing what was in store.

(BTW, about an hour after Caclulus class ended, she texted me saying "I cried. A lot." I LOVE THIS GIRL)

So now we've been marathoning DW once a week since then, and she loves Donna and Rose and is sort of meh about Martha, which is wonderful. That DW time is sustaining me. <3
SO. There's this club at Grinnell called GIMP (Grinnell Independent Musical Productions), where students produce their own musicals for the fun and entertainment of the Grinnell Community. This club exists because the theater and music departments here, for some strange and unexplained reason, detest musicals. GIMP has been known as rather slapdash, ho-hum, paper-and-string productions that produce musicals nobody has ever heard of.

Long story short....

I somehow got into my head to direct RENT this fall.

Despite all my Calculus, Chinese, Econ Statistics course, and Shakespeare class, I decided this sounded like a fun idea. >.<

But here's the thing: I really want GIMP to be something special. I believe that musicals are a powerful combination of two very beautiful art forms (theater and music) that should be explored and enjoyed. I want GIMP to be a real force on campus, something that people want to do and want to see. I want to do shows that people can be proud to say they were in, and a big-name show like RENT is just the way to do it. It's got a lot of mainstream recognition, thanks to the movie, and a soundtrack that many people are already familiar with because of its mainstream appeal. ALSO, since it's a rock opera, if you know the music, you know 90% of the show. The rest is just blocking.

Costumes: easy. Plainclothes. Aside from Angel's sexy santa outfit and Mark's signature scarf, cast can wear pretty much whatever.

Sets: easy. A table and some chairs are all that's necessary.

Lighting: easy. Lights On. Lights Off.

Music: A regular band: guitar, bass, drums, keyboard. We could do it with only a keyboard.

I'm not looking for Tony-Award-Winning. I'm just looking for big and proud. Luckily, I've put together a great cast who seems really excited about being in the show, and are much more talented than I had anticipated! ^_^


(Also happening are my econ classes, which are interesting even though sometimes daunting, my chinese class that kicks my ass on a daily basis, and calculus which I liked for a week before I realized that it was IMPOSSIBLE.)

Our house custodian just came and turned on the lounge TV while she worked, and it was TOTALLY "The View" with Constantine Mouralis talking about Rock of Ages. It made me extremely happy. (I totally thought of you, [ profile] yzak) Oh Broadway, how I miss you. We will be reunited over Sprink Break, my love!

Now I'm going to go get my daily Chinese class-induced beating. T_T Ta.
Finishing what I've started, you guys! This is something I've been trying to work on. Organizing is my great skill. Carrying through those plans all by my onesie? Not so great. (Delegating is another of my great skills, handily enough.)

No.'s 4-5 )

In other news, completely unrelated, Oregon broke it's all-time heat record today with a spectacular 108 degrees. FML.
I always get so surprised when I mention that someone should listen to a musical soundtrack, and they're all like, "Great, which songs should I listen to?" and I'm like, "What?" and *honest confusion* fills my head.

I just like to sit and listen to an entire musical soundtrack in one sitting. I mean, really, that's what I do. It's easier if it's one I'm familiar with, then I can do other stuff like homework at the same time, but really it bothers me if I don't listen to the whole thing all in one go. Because, I mean, it's a show. It's a story. [scheinzo] gets it, we had a really great conversation about musical theater the other night and it was wonderful.

The first time I listen to a soundtrack is very important, because I can't do anything else while I listen to it. I have to be driving or crocheting or working on a truly mindless school project so I can focus all my attention on the lyrics and the music. But pop music isn't like that. I could name maybe four people I could listen to a whole album of, and even then I wouldn't be attentively listening to it for an hour without doing anything else. So it's not surprising that how I listen to music is different from how other people listen to music.

It just reminds me that not everyone is like that. That's all. Not bad, not weird, just different.
I know, I know. I rarely, if ever, post about my own personal life anymore...not because I don't want to it's just... I'm lazy. I admit. T__T But this is too big a deal to not post about.

I got cast as a lead in my school's musical.

Finally. After four years of planning and contriving and taking chances and waiting and hoping and planning some MORE, I've finally done it! Since 7th grade, when CHS did "Pirates of Penzance" and I turned to my mom during intermission and said "I want to do THAT," being a lead in a CHS musical has been all I ever wanted.

I can't... it's so surreal.

The musical is "State Fair", and I'm going to play Melissa Frake, the mother. I'm working with Andrew as my husband, which I am SO relieved about, because I know Andrew, and he's fantastic, and he'll be so much better to act off of than some of the other people that were called back, and... AUGH. XD

The casting isn't perfect, of course, because nothing is, but for right now? It doesn't matter that I'm sick with a fever and a proverbial knife in my throat. It doesn't matter that I have a huge singing competition tomorrow that I'm going to do horribly in it DUE to the fact of aforementioned sickness. It doesn't matter that I've trained for months for this competition, and that I was generally expected to do exceedingly well in it.

Honestly? I really don't care about any of that right now. I really don't.

Because I got a lead in the musical. Finally. FINALLY. Singing competition be damned, I've already gotten my prize.










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